Meet logoutt. The space where everything connects.

Your restorative place. Made with your peace of mind, in mind.

Step into our nature-centric spaces, designed with the freedom and privacy to switch-off.

To notice. Appreciate. Explore. Get inspired.


Your haven’s blueprint.
Made greener.

Imagine yourself. Relaxed. Zen. Free.

What picture do you have in mind?

Sometimes, time in nature is all you need.

There’s something about nature that fills us with a sense of calm that concrete and brick can never match. With most of us spending most of our time indoors, it’s no surprise that zen can feel out of reach.

Cue logoutt. Your modern-day nature cue.

We’ve created the space to remind us of what is often overlooked – our innate connection with the natural world.

Our design roots. Space that is shaped by the landscape around it.

We’ve stripped it back to nature.

A biophilic design means creating a connection between nature and architecture through integrating naturally inspired patterns and elements in the design.

Logoutt’s biophilic-led design blurs the boundaries between inside and out. Inspired by Nordic and Japanese Asian architectural roots, evoking a sensation is core to our design. Fusing inside and outside to welcome interactions with our surroundings at every chance.

Stemming from the untouched beauty of nature, the minimalistic feel of the space instantly declutters the mind. Where spaces connect the dots between ourselves and what is around us, mediated by our senses. To stimulate your senses, or give them a rest.

Nature has no straight lines. The space appreciates the rugged edges as they come. The use of circles within the construction is a trilogy of meanings; reinforcing unity, serenity, and harmony.

To encourage rest and respite. Naturally soothing your mind. Naturally resetting your balance.

Restore your calm. With no boundaries.

Zen is in our DNA

A natural flow for your mind to feel at one with nature

Every step of our journey is built with the environment in mind. An off-grid design. Equipped with all the essentials for a sustainable stay. With plenty of water in the tank for hot showers and morning coffees. And USB ports to recharge your phone (if you need it).

Integrated with moveable smart furniture to personalise your space. Just how you like it.

Your space. Your bliss.

A-Zen package

Eco-compostable toilet

Eco Shower


Curated Amenities

Double & Single Bed

Activity Box

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Fresh Linen & Towels

USB ports

Cosy Fire Pit

Yoga Mat & Cushion

Curated Books & Games

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