Balance. As nature intended.

Logoutt is the place to slow down fast living. To return to a life well lived. The space to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Where you can rediscover the beauty in every moment. To live with endless passion and curiosity.

Explore our off-grid spaces planted in nature. Mindfully designed to inspire you to restore balance in your life. A pause with a purpose. Whenever you like, however you like.

Your space. Your logoutt.

Welcome to
space bar.

Imagine your own private sanctuary. Tucked away amidst undisturbed nature. Inviting you to press pause and recalibrate your compass.

Drawing from the effortless beauty of natural landscapes, our  inviting spaces blend seamlessly with the environment. Purposely designed for you to reconnect and restore your balance. Sweeping you into a state of ultimate serenity. Equipped with everything you need from A-Zen. Your haven away from home.

Logoutt is a feeling. Born in nature.


At Logoutt, we believe an experience is the seed to a great memory. Logoutt refreshes your senses from the word pause. Allowing you to appreciate nature in all its forms. Savouring moments, with you living in the moment.

Your mind deserves a rest day. Experience the beauty of stillness.

Our experience is shaped around practicing mindfulness in the heart of nature. Giving you the time to appreciate every minute, no matter how simple. The space where balance clicks into place.

Welcome to your sanctuary. Welcome to Logoutt.

Our Mission

Imagine a better way of living. Where balance is everyone’s norm.

We are on a mission to redefine wellness hospitality, with purpose at core. By giving people the freedom to create their own path of balance through our immersive spaces and experiences. Designed to evoke a mind-nature connection. To recharge, reflect, and rediscover your limitless potential.

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