Steps to Awaken your Senses

Tuning into your senses is more important than you think – they shape how we perceive the world. When our senses are numbed, we become disconnected from the world around us. Life becomes a monotonous routine. Feeling present and in the moment becomes out of reach. 

Imagine a world where you can’t taste the sweetness of strawberries or smell the scent of freshly bloomed flowers. Where the sound of laughter is muffled, and colours fade into a grey blur. This is the world of numbness, a world where you are existing, not living.

Now, close your eyes and imagine a world where your senses are awakened.  Where you can feel the breeze on your skin, taste the tanginess of a lemon, hear the rustling of leaves, see the vibrant colours of a sunset, and smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

This is you – awakened and present. Savouring every moment. Truly living every vibrant experience that comes your way. 

Not sure where to start? Let’s bring you back to the present by unlocking your senses:


Awakened taste is a rich and immersive experience that extends beyond the flavour of food. It combines the texture, temperature, and complexity of the dish, inviting you to savour each bite and appreciate the intricate layers of flavour. 

At Logoutt, we encourage mindful eating to allow you to awaken your sense of taste.  From supplying fresh locally grown produce to sharing our favourite recipes, you’ll have the chance to experience and explore new flavours in a sustainable way.


Awakened smell is a journey of discovery, where every scent is an opportunity to appreciate the world around you. It’s taking the time to inhale deeply and identify the different notes in the air, from the sweet to the earthy to the spicy. Awakened smell can transport you to different places, bring up fond memories, and evoke feelings of comfort and joy. 

Logoutt celebrates the natural calming scents of nature. From the earthy smells of the forest, to the musky air after rainfall, we encourage you to step outside and allow the scents of nature to ground you with every inhale. We are also proud to partner with land&water to bring the scents of nature into the space. Through the benefits of aromatherapy, feel invigorated and refreshed after using the land&water body care range at the space.


Awakened sight is seeing the world in full colour and Ultra-HD detail. It’s taking the time to observe the beauty in the world around you, from the smallest details to the vastest sweeping views. It’s being present in the moment and noticing the play of light and shadow, the movement of the world around you, and the textures and patterns that make up your surroundings. 

We are lucky to home our Logoutt space at the edge of a breathtaking lake surrounded by green fields and trees. With nothing but uninterrupted nature for your eyes to savour. Ride around a scenic trail with a Logoutt bike, or venture out on a walk in the forest. Get cosy around the fire and admire the stars on a still night, or chill on the deck as you meditate to the orange sunset glow. Beauty is all around us. We invite you to open up your eyes and take in the magic.


Awakened touch physically connects you to the world and other people. It’s feeling the textures of different fabrics, the weight and warmth of another person’s touch, the sensation of water on your skin. Awakened touch is being present in your body to deepen your connection to the world around you.

Logoutt is here to ignite your sense of touch. Feel the earth under your feet as you walk barefoot in nature around our space. Indulge in the warmth of the water as the drops tap your skin with our therapeutic Nebia shower. Wrap up with our Welsh-made wool blankets by Welsh Otter, or melt in our organic cotton sheets and duvet as they hug your body to sleep.


Awakened sound is a symphony of the world around you. It’s taking the time to truly listen to your surroundings, from the rustling of leaves to the chirping of birds and the hum of city life. Sound meditation allows you to immerse yourself in the soundscape of your environment and cultivate a deeper sense of connection and awareness.

The sense of sound is incredibly powerful. It can evoke and strengthen emotions and write the lyrics to our memories. Sit out on the deck and listen to the air play the melodies of nature as it meets the leaves. Or tune in to our Spotify playlists to match your mood.

By awakening your senses and living every moment, you can restore your balance. Logoutt is here to bring you back to the present by rebalancing your senses to discover your flow. We invite you to start living.

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